Saturday, November 7, 2009


used as a muse in the flash of a light
in the blink of an eye
i was special just like everyone else
like every other perfect pussy he ever saw
the words work
words crafted for his muse, for an extension of his art
no these words are not for me
they never were...they extend from him like limbs
limbs pulling you in and pushing your heart
real in this moment
and that is what his life is
a series of real moments
adding up
and when the mountain of moments has reached the sky
he sits on top...proud as a lion
looking down he sees the bodies that lay beneath him
those beautiful muses
those perfect pussies
and at the bottom he sees himself
looking up
he can not reach
he will not fall
this is his eternal struggle
to except one he must except all
and this he will never do
the reflection of his mountain is brighter then the sun
blinding his sight with its truth
larger then art, it beams
these words were for the world
the better good
damn the casualties
damn the mountain of tears and tragedy
these words are not for you
you are the inspiration
not the reason

i lie on top of your heap
my body still warm
for how long?
my blood is streaming down the mountain
the beautiful icing on your cake

im neither your alpha or omega
your begin
your end
i am simply a counter reflection
and a kindered spirit
you will hold me to the sky
with your palm on the small of my back
i drape over you like a treasured linen
wear me until i am no longer in fashion
discard my presence and return to your mountain
these are my fears.deep and true
i can not hide them
i simply push them down deeper and hold my head up
giving myself as willing as Jacob to Issac
your lamb

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