Sunday, November 15, 2009

streets of LA

born again into the streets of Los Angeles
the men with there opinions after the movie
excuses why ... my car is in the shop
everyone living in the life they imagined
if only in there words
words mean nothing in this city, small talk is a disease
going home to there small apartments looking up at the hills
telling me they have something bigger on the horizon
news for you men
im not the one to tell
i came here for grit
life is not your car
life is not your house on the hill
never gave a fuck about things
rather have a good meal
good trip
good fuck
no shoes
no diamonds
i never owned a diamond
but i have the best memories in my beautiful brain
you have nothing to give someone like me
i want action
wrestle you to the ground and sleep under the stars
have you ever took a train to the unknown
money is a lie
it whispers of your importance
your value
you believe the lies it tell you
to painful to look inside at what you really are
Los Angeles
you have everything don't you
how did you lose your soul?
they drive you down
stole your innocence
the world of self promotion
the house of cards
well not everyone will drink the koolaid
maybe the "big one" will divide the earth
split hollywood off and fall into the ocean
we create a new beach
take all the freeways and parking lots
and toss them over the edge of the world
and drown them
choke the sign of the hill and all is stands for
and maybe then we can be saved
free to create a new art form
maybe then i'll love you true
stop telling people you are just my mistress
this time i want you to be my wife
well you know what they say
cant turn a whore into a housewife
but this time i want to try

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