Wednesday, November 11, 2009


amazing how fast my wounds heal
i have so much joy in me it is seemingly never ending
for all the pain my rebound is so exquisite
and these sad songs make me sing so loud with the biggest smile on my face
because this storm has passed
and the wind took your evil actions so far from my doorstep
the rain and my tears washed my soul clean of any traces of you
i need no further reflections to see my self
i feel so big today
i feel my beauty
breaking out of my eyes like prisms
the warmth comes from within me
i have the power to break my own heart
i never needed you
my head is high with dignity
i see myself so clearly now
how far i have come and where i know i am headed
the tears are tears of joy
thank you
mom you should see me today
thank you
my beautiful friends
my worthy foes
you never saw such a power
i will continue my life with passion
with laughter
with love
with faith
with trust
with grace
i came here to give the love inside me
it grows stronger everyday

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